highly personalized, evidence based, wellness-focused experience



Harbor Wellness is here to help you explore, gain insight, and take healthy actions on your path of living well. Dr. Stodard is committed to providing individualized, evidenced-based approaches to meet your goals within a warm, friendly and healing environment. Expect a highly personalized, wellness-focused experience.  This wellness model is based upon a philosophy that psychological services must expand beyond an illness/treatment mindset. Dr. Stodard's clients work with her to go beyond simply coping with the stressors of life to truly living well.



In your initial consultation appointment, we will discuss your current concerns, successes and goals for our work.  It's ok if you aren't sure about your goals yet; we can work on that together.

The first visit is focused on your provider learning about you and an initial evaluation of your needs.  Expect to answer questions about your current functioning, previous treatment, medical history, important others in your life, etc. 

Together we will begin to create an individualized "road map" for your path toward well-being.



Psychotherapy is not easily described in general statements. Treatment approaches vary depending on the style of the psychologist and the particular questions or problems that the client raises. 

As we build a therapeutic working relationship, we will collaboratively create a unique service plan specifically designed to reach your goals.

Psychological services are different from a medical doctor visit. They call for a more active effort on the client’s part. In order for our sessions to be most beneficial, you will want to work on things outside of the session.

Since sessions involve discussing personal aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings.  However, most therapy clients find these discomforts to be well worth the likely benefits.  

Psychotherapy often leads to new ways of looking at a problem, improved relationships, new coping strategies, creative solutions to specific problems, and/or significant reductions in feelings of distress.



Career counseling is a specialized service to assist clients who need or want to make a career decision of some kind.  This could be deciding on a college major or graduate program, career field or considering an occupational change.  Psychologists with training in career theory assist clients in identifying personal and occupational knowledge using counseling and testing tools to guide the client through a decision making and implementation process.

Although occupational decision making can be emotional, career counseling is not therapy and does not focus on psychological diagnoses or treatment.  However, there are times Dr. Stodard is working with a client within a career counseling relationship and becomes aware of psychological factors (i.e. depression, panic attacks) that may be contributing to the identified career problem.  In that case, she will present this observation to the client and the client will have the option to incorporate relevant therapy services into his or her plan.  



Psychologists use tests and assessment tools to measure and observe an individual's behavior to gain information about social, emotional, cognitive and personality functioning.  Testing data provides psychologists unique information to understand an individual's strengths/weaknesses, arrive at a diagnosis (if applicable), and guide treatment.  Psychological evaluations help to clarify the underlying causes of a person’s present distress. 

Thus, my approach to assessment is comprehensive in order to most fully understand the nature of the problem and the best ways to address it.  A psychological evaluation of this nature typically includes at least three hours of assessment, but may require more based on the referral question.

The idea of psychological evaluation may seem intimidating, but it is nothing to fear.  You don't need to study - this evaluation isn't like a pass/fail exam in school.   Testing data provides your psychologist with specific information used to best meet your needs.



There is a more peaceful way.

Dr. Stodard is specifically trained in collaborative divorce facilitation and can help you and your spouse more peacefully navigate this emotionally charged transition.

The collaborative divorce process is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, which is often adversarial.  A team of specially trained professionals work together with the spouses to reach interest-based solutions outside of court.  Teams are developed based on the family's individual needs, but typically include a neutral facilitator such as a psychologist, neutral financial expert, and two collaborative family law attorneys.

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If you are facing divorce, know your options and let your local team of legal, financial and mental health professionals help.