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Megan M. Stodard, Ph.D.

Harbor Wellness Owner

Megan M. Stodard, Ph.D.: About Me
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After over ten years working in traditional mental health care settings, I opened Harbor Wellness in 2019 as a unique space to offer highly personalized services focused on optimizing mental and emotional health. 

I believe that to be most effective, psychological services must expand beyond an illness/treatment mindset. This model is ideal for clients who desire to go beyond simply coping with the stressors of life to truly living well. My approach is focused on helping clients to flourish as we work together to build a healthy, satisfying life full of meaning, value and purpose. 

My clients often hear me use the term emotional or mental fitness. Just like building physical fitness, this takes practice and can be easier when you have professional help. I believe working with a psychologist can be like having a personal trainer for your mental and emotional fitness. Somewhat like a new exercise plan, I'll help you ease into new, healthier patterns of living by training your brain and flexing your emotional muscles.

Though rooted in cognitive, behavioral, client-centered, positive psychology and mindfulness based approaches, I describe my overall therapeutic approach as integrative. I draw from the best practices of a variety of evidence-based approaches to offer an individualized plan for each client's style and goals. My style is professional, though friendly and approachable.

As a lifelong lover of movement and nature, it's fitting that I have developed an interest in movement integrated sessions. These session styles enhance the best practices of psychology with the benefits of mindful movement and nature and are ideal for clients who best connect with themselves while in motion and/or in nature (as opposed to sitting still in an office). 

Currently my practice focuses on work with adult clients who desire to improve their quality of life and have sought out professional help with the process. Some clients need short term support, others need long term treatment, and many fall somewhere in between.

I consider the relationship with my clients to be collaborative. You bring the expertise of your own life to the partnership and I provide expertise in human behavior, cognition and emotion. Together we’re a phenomenal team to meet your emotional fitness goals. It's my honor and joy to inspire growth and walk along side my clients as they make strides toward flourishing lifestyles. 

- Dr. Megan M. Stodard, Psychologist

Harbor Wellness Owner

Megan M. Stodard, Ph.D.: About Therapy


Anxiety Management​​

Career Decision and Transition

Communication Skills Building

Depression Treatment 

Entrepreneurial Support

Healthy Emotional Experience/Expression

Mindfulness Practices

Movement Integrated Psychotherapy

Perfectionism and Self Worth

Personal Values Clarification & Implementation
Relationship Improvement

Trauma Recovery

Work/Life Balance

Megan M. Stodard, Ph.D.: About Therapy


Dr. Megan Stodard is a licensed psychologist in Florida and the founder of Harbor Wellness. 

She obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Human Systems from Florida State University after completing undergraduate studies at Belhaven College in Psychology and Dance.

Her graduate training at Florida State University focused on provision of psychological services across the lifespan in a wide range of settings (i.e., schools, hospitals, private practice, university health center, community clinic, emergency children's shelter). 

Dr. Stodard completed an APA-accredited internship in Clinical Psychology at the Arkansas State Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas where she treated adolescents and adults in inpatient, forensic, and community based facilities.

She completed her post doctoral training at Lake Psychological Services in Columbia, South Carolina. She then joined the group as a staff psychologist where she worked in private practice until relocating to the Pensacola area in July 2014. 

In Pensacola, she joined The Anchor Clinic group practice where she provided psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of clients from 2014-2018.

In January of 2019 she opened Harbor Wellness as a solo practice in downtown Pensacola where she provides wellness focused psychological services.

Megan M. Stodard, Ph.D.: About Therapy
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