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to learn and grow

Therapy (also called psychotherapy or talk therapy) is a form of mental health treatment that focuses on helping individuals explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with the purpose of improving overall mental and emotional health.

As we build a therapeutic working relationship, we will collaboratively create an individualized service plan specifically designed to reach your goals. Each client's experience of therapy will be different as the process works best when the interventions and areas of focus are specifically tailored to an individual's needs and goals.

Therapy services are different from a medical doctor visit. They call for a more active effort on the client’s part. In order for our sessions to be most beneficial, you will want to work on things outside of the session.

Since sessions involve discussing personal aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings.  However, most therapy clients find these discomforts to be well worth the benefits.  

A main goal of therapy is increased psychological resilience and flexibility. Therapy often leads to increased self awareness, improved emotional regulation, new ways of looking at a problem, improved relationships, new coping strategies, creative solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress.

therapy services available in all session styles 

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to decide and implement

Career counseling is a specialized service to assist clients who need or want to make a career decision of some kind.  This could be deciding on a college major or graduate program, career field or considering an occupational change. 

Psychologists with training in career theory assist clients in identifying personal and occupational knowledge using counseling and testing tools to guide the client through a decision-making and implementation process. Career counseling may also focus on building self-confidence and skills needed to meet identified goals. 

Although occupational decision-making can be emotional, career counseling is not therapy and does not focus on psychological diagnoses or treatment. However, there are times within career counseling that psychological factors (i.e. depression, anxiety, panic attacks) may be contributing to the identified career problem. In this case, the client has the option to incorporate relevant therapy services into the service plan.

career counseling services available in all session styles

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to optimize and flourish

Psychological coaching is a modality that focuses on helping individuals identify and achieve personal goals. Compared to therapy (which tends to be present or past focused), it is more focused on future goals. It is a collaborative process that draws on concepts of positive psychology as well as the science of human behavior, cognition, emotion, and motivation.  

Sessions will be unique to your specific goals, but may focus on skills such as identifying and challenging limiting beliefs, developing new and healthier habits, and building self-confidence.

Psychological coaching is designed to help individuals become aware of their current mental state and behaviors and make conscious changes that will lead to optimized functioning and a flourishing lifestyle. It is a process of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

coaching services available in all session styles

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to connect and explore

Consultation sessions are focused on getting to know you, your situation, and your goals. It's okay if you aren't sure about your goals yet - we can work on that together.

In addition to your current situation, we will talk about your family background, medical history, your current relationships, and any history of mental health treatment. We will discuss what has been helpful and also unhelpful to you in the past.

Initial phases of our work will often include assessment tools to best learn about you and your needs and to inform our plan to meet your goals.

Together we will begin to create an individualized "road map" for your path toward well-being.

consultation services take place in office

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to inform and plan

Psychologists use tests and assessment tools to measure and observe an individual's behavior to gain information about social, emotional, cognitive and personality functioning.  Testing data provides unique information to understand an individual's strengths/weaknesses, arrive at a diagnosis (if applicable), and guide treatment. 

Psychological evaluations help to clarify the underlying causes of a person’s present distress. A comprehensive psychological evaluation for the purposes of formal diagnostics typically includes at least three hours of assessment, but may require more based on the referral question.

Though not a comprehensive evaluation, relevant assessment tools are often integrated in therapy, career counseling, and coaching services

evaluation services take place in office

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create & customize

Interested in a workshop or other group wellness event?

Have another creative idea?

Let's talk!

I'll get to know the needs of your group or team and work with you to develop a customized experience.

Service types: About Therapy
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